I worked with RGH Bookkeeping when I first started my business and I can honestly say that Reza was incredibly easy to work with and extremely responsive to my needs and situation. If we hadn’t moved the business I’d still be working with Reza today. I completely endorse and recommend Reza and RGH Bookkeeping.

Larry Gilbert
Nexus Internet Consulting
San Francisco

“It was always a pleasure and relief to work with Reza. Not only did he make house calls, showing up in a timely manner with a warm smile on his face, but he rapidly solved my most vexing Quickbooks and bookkeeping issues. Reza is rock solid.”

Paul O’Bryan
San Francisco

“I have worked with Reza for a few years now and am most impressed with his attention to detail and his responsiveness. Working with RGH Bookkeeping makes my financial world easy. Not to mention that it makes tax time a breeze. Thank you Reza for your easy going nature coupled with a drive for excellence in saving me money. I’m lucky to have you on my team!”

Neha Sangwan, M.D.
Intuitive Intelligence, Inc.
San Francisco

“I enjoyed working with Reza because of his financial knowledge and also his familiarity with QuickBooks. He taught me shortcuts and was able to set up my accounts in the best way possible. I heartily recommend him! He is honest, dependable and accurate. What more could you ask for?”

Joe Murphy
Geodesic Consulting
San Francisco

“It was really great working with Reza. He was conscientious and responsive. Having him help with the book-keeping saved me a lot of time, and made it so much easier working with the tax accountant at the end of the year. I didn’t even have to work with a CPA and that saved me a lot of money.”

Nona Lim
Oakland, CA

Reza helped me set up and understand QuickBooks in the most patient way possible. I no longer need a bookkeeper which is saving me hundreds of dollars every year. Thank you Reza.

Susanne Babbel, PhD, MFT
San Francisco